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Bellingham Aviation Services Adds Rotorcraft Helicopter Instruction to Training Program

Source: Vertical Magazine

Bellingham, Wash., June 20, 2012 - Bellingham Aviation Services, a leading aviation organization in the Pacific Northwest, has expanded its instructional staff and rental fleet to meet increased demand for rotorcraft helicopter training, scenic, and photo flights.

"BAS is thrilled to offer our customers enhanced training opportunities with the addition of a Robinson R22 Beta II and an Instrument Rated CFI," said Vanessa Nielsen. "Rotorcraft training capabilities will broaden the spectrum of schooling options available to both new and current customers wishing to pursue new ventures."

The Robinson R22 is most known for combining comfort and reliability with its light-weight design and enhanced safety features. The Beta II comes with an upgraded engine from the standard Beta, which provides higher altitude capabilities, and is also recognized for its low fuel consumption. The R22 is a two-seater helicopter, ideally suited for rotorcraft training and scenic flights.

With the addition of the new R22, BAS will now offer helicopter instruction to the existing professional training program. Students can train for private, commercial and CFI ratings with the opportunity to fly solo after a successful flight review.

To accommodate increased demand and spearhead the rotocraft training program, BAS has hired Tarek Husevold, a well-versed pilot with extensive flying experience in Robinson R22's and R44's. Husevold is an Instrument Rated CFI and in the process of finalizing the Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) training. As an organized and dedicated instructor, Husevold will train pilots to acquire the Private, Commercial and CFI helicopter ratings. We are also ready for any commercial job our helicopter is capable of, specializing in Professional Photo and Filming Flights. This includes: Action Sports (wake-board, snowboard), Air to Air Shoots, Yacht Brokerage, Real Estate, Survey, and many other options.

"The addition of the new rotocraft program shows our commitment to providing a well-rounded training program of the highest quality, while maintaining a professional environment and enjoyable place to learn," added Nielson.

Bellingham Aviation Services is a full-service fixed-base operator (FBO) located in Bellingham, Washington - 20 miles south of the Canadian border, 50 miles south of Vancouver, B.C. and 90 miles north of Seattle. BAS offers a wide range of services from fueling and flight instruction, to aircraft maintenance, avionics, retail sales and concierge services. For more information, see