Rotorcraft/Helicopter Flight Training

To meet increased demand for rotorcraft helicopter training, photo flights, BAS is thrilled to offer customers enhanced training opportunities with the addition of a Robinson R22 Beta II and a Robinson R-44 and a team of flight instructors.

Private, Commercial and CFI helicopter type ratings are available for those interested in learning to fly helicopters.

The Robinson R22 and R44 are most known for combining comfort and reliability with light-weight design and enhanced safety features. They come standard with a derated engine, which is also most recognized for its low fuel consumption. The R22 is a two-seater helicopter, and the R-44 is a 4 seater helicopter, ideally-suited for rotorcraft training, helicopter tours, professional photography/filming and scenic flights.

With the addition of the new R22 and R-44, students can train for private, commercial and CFI ratings with the ability to fly solo after successful flight review.

Bellingham Helicopter Services, a division of BAS, provides helicopter tours of our local area. Bellingham Helicopter Services offers additional commercial jobs requiring the use of the helicopter, specializing in Professional Photo and Filming Flights. This includes: Action Sports (wake-board, snowboard), Air to Air Shoots, Yacht Brokerage, Real Estate, Survey, and many other options. For more information on Bellingham Helicopter, please see;

For more information on rotorcraft helicopter training, please contact us at 360 676 7624 or fill out a request for information.
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