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Flight Training

Thank you so much for finding your way to the BAS Flight School!

If you’re considering learning to fly an airplane or a helicopter, congratulations; you’re about to begin a life-changing experience. Whether you have aspirations to one day make your living as a commercial pilot, or simply wish to join the ranks of those who get to see the world from a truly bird’s eye perspective, you will find that working toward your flying goals will be an incredibly rewarding challenge. We’d be honored to join you in this endeavor. Our aircraft are well maintained and well equipped, and our experienced instructors have a passion for seeing you learn.

If you’d like to become a safe and savvy aviator, please give us a call at 360.676.7624.

Sincere regards,

Jack Otto
Chief Flight Instructor

In Bellingham Aviation Services, I have found a partner in my flying experience. They have demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards of excellence through their staff, airplanes and instructors. I have not met one member of their team that I have not been delighted to know and interact with. They are courteous, friendly and professional. I was impressed with their willingness to accomodate all my flying needs and desires.

In addition, I have found Mr. Jeff Eriksen to be an invaluable resource for me. Aside from being intelligent and professional, he has a unique gift of being able to break down the sometimes complex processes of flying an aircraft in a way that makes them more easily discernable by the student. As a result of his assistance, I feel more confident, capable and safe as a pilot.

I have recommended Mr. Eriksen and BAS to anyone who even hints at the possibility of getting into flying. I look forward to a long relationship with this outstanding organization.

Reid A. Patterson
President, B-1 Builders Inc.

If you have ever thought of learning how to fly, you should know about the program at Bellingham Aviation Services. Some time ago I decided to fulfill a lifetime dream and walked in the offices of BAS and was greeted by Mr. Jeff Eriksen. He took the time to make me feel welcome and I immediately could sense the professionalism and expertise exerted within that organization.

In a time that is becoming increasingly hurried and stressful, I have been able to accomplish, at my own pace, the completion of my private pilot's license. It takes a special person to teach a fifty year old guy new tricks! Jeff did just that in a discreet and sophisticated style.

As a matter of fact, everyone at BAS was above and beyond my expectations. The teaching and support staff is most helpful and cheerful, the growing fleet is well maintained by a knowledgeable team and I am looking forward to continue learning for years to come at Bellingham Aviation Services. Give them a call or do like I did and stop by, I promise that you will not regret it.

Pierre R. Constantin D.C.
Ferndale, Washington
Constantin Chiropractic Clinic

Over the past couple of years, I have had the beneficial and enjoyable experience of receiving flight instruction from Jeff Eriksen. He is extremely professional and competent in a manner that anyone can easily relate to; and every flight lesson challenges me to improve my skill level. The focus on flying safely makes me more aware of my situation and prepared to deal with any unexpected event. I find this approach very helpful and facilitates my own personal goal of being the best pilot that I can be.

Rick Paulson
Bellingham, Washington