BAS Flight School

Rates and Fees

Aircraft Hourly Rates
Cessna 172N (3051E) Garmin 430 160HP $119.00
Cessna 172N (21745) Garmin 480 180HP $119.00
Piper Twin Comanche $240.00
R22 Beta II Solo Rental $240.00
R22 Beta II Dual Instruction $260.00
R-44 Dual $550.00
R-44 Solo Case by case
Photo Flights:
Cessna 172-N $163.00+ Tax Includes Pilot
R22 Beta II - 1 passenger $260.00 Includes Pilot
R-44 - 3 passengers $550.00+ Tax. Includes Pilot

Simulator Hourly Rates
CR-12 AATD $64.00

Instruction Hourly Rates:
Flight Instruction $44.00
Ground Instruction $44.00

Block Rates:
C-172-N; 10 hour block (10% Discount) $1071.00
CR-12 AATD; 10 hour block (10% Discount) $600.00
R22 Beta II ; 10 hour block (5% Discount) $2280.00
R-44; 10 hour block (5% discount) $5225.00
Other Fees:
Private Pilot Ground Course Textbook or Online Course
School Course Material

Headset Rental $5.00

Note: All students are encouraged to purchase their own headsets, however, headsets are available for rental. Prices do not include State of Washington Sales Tax. Fuel is included in aircraft rental rates. During times of high fuel costs a fuel surcharge may apply. As of April, 2009, there is no fuel surcharge in effect.