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Located in Bellingham, Washington - 20 miles south of the Canadian Border, 50 miles south of Vancouver B.C. and 90 miles north of Seattle, Bellingham Aviation Services (BAS) is a full-service fixed-based operation (FBO). BAS offers a wide range of services ranging from aircraft maintenance and avionics, to flight lessons and charters, and is the home of the Bellingham Jet Center. BAS is proud to be a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.

Key Services:

Environmental Policy:
Bellingham Aviation Services supports and encourages company and individual efforts to reduce our impact on our fragile environment. The following principles guide our decisions and promote the growth of our environmentally responsible practices:

  • Recognize that we operate in a resource-dependant industry and that our actions have a direct impact on the environment.
  • Act as an industry leader and resource, advocating for a better world through ongoing cooperation and education with our employees.
  • Continually develop innovative solutions to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment in ways that balance economic viability with ecological responsibility.
  • Actively promote the recycling of appropriate materials and the use of recycled materials when feasible.
  • Consider social and environmental factors in our purchasing decisions.
  • Provide an inspiring and equitable workplace for all stakeholders in which environmental responsibility is a known corporate value.
  • See environmental responsibility as a continuous evolution in the way we operate our business.

As an organization, Bellingham Aviation Services has many efforts in this regard. These include:

  • Our employees' green commuting practices to and from work.
  • Upcoming participation in the Port of Bellingham’s electricity reduction programs.
  • Proud to be a supplier of BP fuel advocating Environment and Society guidelines.
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